1. Electroneum is a scam sorry for your loss! They scammed me too.
    Richard Ells = con artist. He pays for fake shills all over the web including Africa.

  2. Great news to the whole Bitcoin community 😁!

    I want to inform you that a crypto project named ‘Tokenpay’ have released the worlds first fully Decentralised exchange called EFIN DEX.

    The EFIN DEX will be far superior to the Binance DEX as Binance’s platform isn’t actually decentralised.

    For some background info; Tokenpay have partnered with Litecoin & Verge, have purchased 20% of a bank with Litecoin, released a privacy coin ETF, released a betting platform & will bring a healthy amount of trading volume to the coins listed through the EFIN DEX.

    Efin have already had over 20,000 sign ups in their first 5 days.

    The first 200,000 sign ups receive 1000 free Efin coins. I’m sure Binance never gave out free coins.


    ⚠️ If you decide to sign up to a partner membership for €295 before April 1st you will receive these additional benefits (5,000 partnerships available):

    ✅ An additional 100,000 Efin coins.

    ✅ Airdropped coins listed on the Efin exchange.

    ✅ One of 5000 partners receiving 62.5% of revenue monthly from the Efin exchange.

    ✅ One of 5000 partners receiving daily revenue from Tokenpay’s platform Crytobet.

    ✅ 5X the staking reward compared to standard users on Efin Dex.

    TokenPay are good guys and they see the potential in selected Cryptos which have a great following 🙂

  3. There are more efficient centralized payment systems than blockchain. If there is a single point of failure it defeats the purpose.

  4. ETN is not the future, if you test the usability of the token then you realize how shitty it really is. The speeds are slow enough to compete with btc, but not fast enough to compete with xrp or trx. There isn't any real usability case of ETN other than giving free ETN for "cloud mining" which is bullshit. They just hand out free etn, you're not actually having people mine the token

  5. Using the mobile app on android lets you mine etn…

    Just dont expect much in return tho. Been mining for about 3 weeks now and received about 50 etn.. which comes back at 28 euro CENTS..

    Hopefully etn will rise in value very soon!

  6. It's all great and well,but if your mining stops on your cellphone for now apparent reason and you have no customer support to contact to rectify it. It is pretty useless then!

  7. This is more an advert for AWS than it is ETN , it just shows how AWS benefits ETN not the other way around. Has absolutely nothing to do with ETN partnering with Amazon to offer its services to the Amazon marketplace , i think people are very confused they see the word Amazon and they automatically think thats linked to the marketplace ITS NOT , This is the WEB SERVICES that pretty much most of crypto is using in different methods depending on the use case. Seriously ETN community at times acts like a a group of sea guls just waiting for a scrap of bread to pounce on !

  8. The mining app is not stable. It turns off several times a day. So you have to pay constant attention for "0.0000000000000xxxx01" cents a day! Makes no sense!!

  9. I got my uncle worth 450M to start scaling into ETN as he is liking it. He said he plans on having 100m etn about to let ride out.

  10. The writing is on the wall
    1. Amazon will invest in ETN
    2. Amazon will integrate ETN INTO AMAZON!!!
    3. FOMO will definitely occur
    4. The unbanked who got in, getting big money
    5. Unbanked able to buy from Amazon

  11. Electroneum is leading the crypto space in so many ways. I have been followed them from their start up and they have achieved so much in ground breaking tech and solutions. They are also the only one cryptocurrency working with and inside with regulations. Electroneu is also the only crypt with a own brand mobile telephone M1. I hope more vendors discover all the financial benefits by using Electroneum. Happy Days 🙂

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