1. I admit I don't understand it. People pay paper money by the millions to own crypto currency. So if paper money is going out why do the sellers of crypto currency want your paper money?

  2. XRP doesn't consume some much unnecessary power and is transacted at 3 to 4 seconds compared to bitcoin (up to an hour) and Ethereum (minutes). The cost per transaction are micro payments compared to the higher fees of BTC and ETH. XRP rivals Visa's 1500 transactions per second and is setting up to go even fast with the codius update.

    You may say XRP is not decentralized but it is in fact. It is more decentralized than bitcoin and Ethereum. https://ripple.com/insights/the-inherently-decentralized-nature-of-xrp-ledger/

    XRP has never been hacked compared to the others and no Ripple can't sell all their coins because its locked up in an escrow which legally means they can't do so.

    The CTO who is David Schwartz has been around in the cryptography space before Bitcoin and was one of the first people to see the flaws within Bitcoin. Bitcoin started out as a decentralized payment system which now has the new title of a store of value due to is non utility.

    Call it a banker's coin but is it not the banks who have lot of money? Clearly we common folks can't sustain this emerging market.

  3. This was so ignorant and oddly timed. The. You have an expert talk about a nuisance of noise coming from fans inside a building bothering farmers. The guy driving a tractor across 60 acres of corn is gonna be bothered by fans in a building? Then he somehow manages to drag the California wild fires in to show how dangerous a business fire could be? I couldn't even finish this 3 min clip. What is the angle on guests? Do they have to agree to use a certain number of catchphrases or trigger words? "Ok everyone gather round. Today's hot words and phrases are, acording to a machine learning algorithm, cryto, california wild fires, farmers and fans." Hurriedly Jane rushes to her cellphone and puts the list in google. "Omg I found it! Bob, I have 1 word for you. Wenatchee." Bob then inputs the town into his Ask Geeves seach box, about half way down the screen lot in a sea of other toolbars. "My God." Bob whispers. "Its got it all!!! Crypto miners fans buzz farmers raising tensions because California wild fires!! Run it!!"

    Can I interview the people behind this segnent?

  4. Where I was refered to as the "apache" in wenatchee. Where the "Electrical" labor organization lost it pension fund because of dabbling in new money making ideas like this….."Good for them". The "Coolee" should be able to handle the load until the "POP!".

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